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Young Adult/Campus Ministries

Young adults (ages 18 to 30), although they’re grouped together, are often at very different stages in their lives. They’re married, partnered, single, with children, divorced, widowed. They leave high school and enter the work force, the military, or college. Not every young adult attends college, and many will try it on but leave before completing a degree. They engage with the world, and many have strong opinions about war, the environment, and the institutional church. Many will rally to help a next-door neighbor or organize relief efforts for Sudan and Haiti.

The Episcopal Church strives to be alongside young adults, to accompany, mentor, and provide places for leadership development. The church also offers deeper experiences in their faith journey through fellowship, vocational discernment, and internships in programs such as the Young Adult Service Corps.
Young Adult Ministry in the church at large takes the form of parish-based young adult groups for worship, fellowship, mission and study; young adult internships and intentional living through the Episcopal Service Corps; diocesan retreats and gatherings; engaging and training young adults in the polity of the church; mentoring and discernment programs; and young adult pilgrimages and mission experiences.
Campus ministry includes all students attending places of higher learning at colleges and universities.  Sometimes referred to as “Canterbury Club” or “Episcopal Campus Ministry” (ECM), it includes all chaplains, campus ministers, and faculty. It provides programming, networks (diocesan, provincial, churchwide, and ecumenical), advocacy, and resources for those doing ministry on college and university campuses.

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