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Riding the Wave



Life is full of change.  Sounds like a “no brainer” remark – if any one is reading this blog, I can almost hear you saying, “Of course life is full of change!” and I agree but would add that to live life with any kind of peace and contentment, one needs to accept the changes life throws our way by learning to ride the wave of change and make the transition from an ending to a new beginning.

I will admit that I almost fell off my surf board  last Thursday.  One of the center pieces of our ministry on campus has been the weekly chapel at Spartan Memorial.   It is a beautiful and peaceful space until invaded by jack hammers and heavy equipment noises – no longer a place of contemplative quiet and prayer.  The construction necessary for the building seismic upgrade has made prayer and quiet most difficult, even impossible.  I was under the wave at first until I picked myself up and got back on my surf board.  The question that got me back in action was, “What are the alternatives?”  That question  led me on a wonderful exploration.  I visited the Mosaic module where the graduate student welcomed me warmly and said, “Yes, we invite groups to pray here”  I also learned something about the wonderful programs they offer.  I hope you will check them out! .  Then I stopped by the Spartan Shops and bought Gold Point Cards for the Prize Wheel I will use at the recruiting table each in the Student Union.  Take a spin and win a prize – first you have to answer a Bible question!  It may sound corny but it may be a way to get people involved in conversation and invite them to chapel on Thursday’s.

Finally I stopped by the International House.  What an elegant residence for both US and foreign students.  Once again I was warmly greeted by the director and assistant director and then one of the resident students gave me a great tour.  We talked about the possibilities of working together to do service work to help alleviate the poverty that is so evident on the streets around the campus.

The wave of change can either send one to the bottom or lift us up to new possibilities.  I pray we all learn to ride the wave of change to a new beginning.

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